The BBC brings us the wonderful, magical, liberating tale of “Leo,” a 10-year-old girl who has decided that she isn’t always a girl. Leo calls herself a himself, and “gender non-binary.” Says Leo:

I really want to use the boys’ loos because it’s more right than using the girls. I’m not allowed to and I think I should be able to.

I can understand because there are lots of older boys using the loos who might be a bit worried about someone (being there) who doesn’t have what they have.

I still feel that “he” doesn’t feel particularly right. I feel more right as “ze” or “they”, but they draw attention to me and my gender when we’re trying to have a conversation about trousers.

When I’m older, I’m going to make that decision again, instead of just sticking with “he”.

There isn’t a body of the two genders. I just wish there was some way in the middle.

Ten years old. The poor child. And the new society says we must not attempt to help this confused child, lest we be guilty of bigotry. Indeed, all the kids in Leo’s school must be forced to play along with this psychodrama, and be catechized in a politically useful falsehood.

What if Leo’s parents had chosen not to play along with this, and had instead sought psychiatric treatment for their child. Would they have been allowed to do so? Would a psychiatrist take them under his care? Ten years from now, will it even be professionally possible for a psychiatrist to do so?

Our society has gone mad. But you knew I would say that.