This just in from a friend in New Orleans, a buttoned-down guy who never cusses. I have sanitized it for your protection:

So, angry groups of leftists have been marching down the streets every night, spray painting public buildings and private property, breaking out the windows at the bank on St. Charles Avenue, and I have to hear another fu**ing radio story about how people of color, women and the LGBTQ community are the ones who are under threat. I did not vote for that piece of sh*t Donald Trump, but this is the kind of sh*t that almost makes me wish I had.  They are saying that a twice-divorced atheist is going to impose a form of Christian sharia on the country. And this is on NPR, not the megaphones of the idiot sociology majors that have been marching in front of my office every night.  Have you seen the things they have been writing on the Robert E Lee monument? Every night, they paint it up more. The guy who had to scrub clean the building next to mine said that the cops told him they wanted to arrest the vandals, but had been given instructions not to make any arrests at the protests. No wonder people voted for that motherfu**er.

 I’d say we have a political convert there. Good job, leftists of New Orleans.