Gotta show you a present I picked up for Julie just now. Lambert Louviere is a local artisan who makes wooden bowls. Our old wooden salad bowl cracked, and Julie has been wanting a new one. She told me the other day that she had seen a beautiful one at someone’s house here in St. Francisville, and when she asked the hostess where she’d gotten it, the hostess told her it was a Lambert Louviere. She’s wanted one of his bowls since. So I called him last week to see if he had any for sale now. He said he had pretty much sold out of his stock, but he had a few. I went over to see what he had, and found the gorgeous red gum salad bowl you see above. Lambert put a finish on it overnight. After 30 days of curing, it will be ready to use.

Julie knew she was getting this because I had to ask her if she liked the wood grain before I bought it. I just walked in with it, and she very nearly gasped. It’s a thing of beauty, for sure, and the kind of thing that becomes a family heirloom. It wasn’t cheap, but it will last forever, and it’s a work of art, if you ask me. The thing must we between three and four pounds weigh between five and seven pounds.

Lambert doesn’t have a website. I know he sells his bowls, which he turns in his garage, at local arts & crafts festivals, and through word of mouth. If you think as much of his artistry as I do, and would like to inquire about commissioning one from him — bigger or smaller (this one holds enough salad for 8 to 10 people) — drop him a line at louviljlj – at

I love this bowl!