From the Facebook feed of Kara Tippetts, who blogs here about her struggle with terminal cancer:

Just swallowed my second handful of pills and found the end of me. Weeks on this book- and I’m at a whopping chapter 3. Sad today- sad for the years of health where I lived only within the confines of my comfort zone. Grieving the corners of living where I didn’t extend myself further. Longing to beg people that have strength to spend it, to give it, to extend it in love- love beyond the boundaries of yourself. But I suppose it’s only in the loss of health that we see where we withheld our strength. The places we didn’t push into grace and live in the amazing grace that is found beyond our own borders. But- this grace. This grace to be crumpled beside a sweet love story and slowly, slowly consume it’s goodness. It is enough- though I crave more. I will be thankful for this and the fancy new softie pants from a girlfriend…. Grace is always present. Gifts we don’t deserve.