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Josh Barro Wins The Wall Street Journal A New Subscriber


Josh Barro is a New York Times reporter. I’m not surprised by this. What I am surprised by is that he actually said in public what many of his colleagues surely believe in private.

The Law Of Merited Impossibility: It’s not going to happen, and when it does, you people will bloody well deserve it. 

And The New York Times will be right there to cheer it on.

If you are the sort of person who thinks traditional Christians are “obsessed” with sex, you need to think about how it would feel to you to you to read a tweet that said, “Pro-LGBT attitudes are terrible for people in all sorts of communities. They linger and oppress, and we need to stamp them out, ruthlessly.”

I am not what you would call “pro-LGBT,” but if I read something like that, it would deeply alarm me, and I would fight against it. The thing is, Josh Barro is not an idiot. He wouldn’t have tweeted something like that if he thought there was any chance that it would cost him professionally.

Regarding The New York Times, as a longtime subscriber (almost 20 years), I’ve been like the put-upon Episcopalian who has said for years, with each passing outrage, “If they do just one more thing, I’m out of here” — but who never leaves.

This morning, I left. Cancelled my subscription. I don’t expect the Times to reflect my worldview, exactly, but I will not subsidize journalism put out by journalists who want to “stamp out, ruthlessly” the religious convictions of people like me.

On Monday, I will subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, which I’ve thought about doing for a couple of years, but never quite got around to because of my Times habit. Barro’s tweet is the last straw. Sorry Ross. Sorry David.

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Rod Dreher is a senior editor at The American Conservative. A veteran of three decades of magazine and newspaper journalism, he has also written three New York Times bestsellers—Live Not By Lies, The Benedict Option, and The Little Way of Ruthie Lemingas well as Crunchy Cons and How Dante Can Save Your Life. Dreher lives in Baton Rouge, La.

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