Jordan Taylor and John Ryan Edwards stocking the juice cooler at a Baton Rouge supermarket

Here’s a great story from my local supermarket — though not a surprising one, as all the people who work there are really kind and friendly. But one of them, Jordan Taylor, is really special:

As [Sid] Edwards and his son, Jack Ryan, 17, walked through the dairy aisle, they encountered dairy assistant Jordan Taylor, 20, who was stocking bottled orange juice. Jack Ryan became transfixed. Taylor noticed, and Jack Ryan began pointing at the crate containing the juice bottles.

Taylor thought Jack Ryan wanted a bottle and gave him one, which he put in the grocery basket and kept looking at the crate, Edwards said.

“The guy said, ‘Do you want to help me?” Edwards said. “He’s not super verbal. ‘Help me’ — he repeated the guy. So, he goes, ‘Come on around.’”

What tipped Taylor off?

“Just the way he looked,” Taylor said. “He was looking very amazed, like one day he wished he could do it. So, I just wanted to give him the experience of doing it with me.”

Taylor let Jack Ryan stock the cooler with orange juice for about 10 minutes, and Edward decided that was enough and led his son down another aisle. But Jack Ryan kept pulling his dad back toward the dairy aisle, where Taylor was still working. Jack Ryan helped Taylor again and returned a third time to worked together. Altogether, they stocked the cooler for about a half-hour, Edwards said.

Read the whole thing — and watch the video.

My wife and I talk about how nice those folks at our neighborhood Rouse’s supermarket are — and now I’m thrilled that the rest of America knows it too.

We needed some good news around here, didn’t we?