If you ever find yourself wondering what James Howard Kunstler thinks of the Penn State scandal, he blames suburbia and off-ramps, and, well, read for yourself. It ends where all Kunstlerian jeremiads end:

This is a nation with psychological boundary problems in every realm – the family, the school, the government, the corporation, the diocese, the police station, you name it. Meanwhile the so-called fine arts branch of our culture valorizes “transgressive” behavior – as if there were any behavioral boundaries left to cross. Maybe Jerry Sandusky should be sentenced to a one-man show at the Whitney Museum. Then just wait a week or so: we’ll get Jeffrey Dahmer, the Musical on Broadway.
Every new day that dawns lately gives further proof that we are a wicked people who deserve to be punished.
I don’t exactly disagree with Kunstler here; in fact, I think he’s prophetic (in the Old Testament sense) on many things. But his tone is always maximalist, so it makes it hard to know when to listen to him and when not to. I recognize that on Doom And Gloom stuff, I may not have the shrill tone of Kunstler, but my confirmation bias is always toward the apocalyptic.