The Capital Gazette shooter has been identified as Jarrod Warren Ramos. He is apparently a stalker who had a longstanding beef with the newspaper — according to his Twitter feed, he’s been stalking and abusing the paper and its reporters for six years! — and took it to court. Here’s his Twitter feed, which he named after Eric Hartley, the former CapGaz journalist he sued for defamation, and lost. Look at this before they take it down:

He hadn’t posted since 2016. Till then, it was mostly psychotic, profane rage about the newspaper, lawyers, judges, and other supposed enemies of his. Here are chilling ones in light of today’s event:

Look at this: a court document in which Ramos was ordered to delete his Twitter account, quit harassing lawyers, judges, and others, and to get a mental health evaluation:


That address is his old high school, it seems. He had been in trouble with the law for stalking an old high school classmate. The address is the old CapGaz building.

Then, today, he posted this just before his rampage:

There is nothing ideological about this monster. He is a psychotic stalker — and now, it appears, a mass murderer.