New Orleans readers (and readers who love the city): our View From Your Table maestro, James C., will be in your city this weekend, looking for a place to eat. If you were going to advise a first-time visitor to New Orleans who loves to eat where he should go, what would you say?

I doubt he’ll be on a Commander’s Palace budget, so let’s keep it real. I’m thinking he’ll have maybe three meals in the city. Help a traveler out, would you?

I was going to mention Ancora Pizza, but James C. lives in Italy, so that’s out.

UPDATE: James C. comments:

Thanks, guys! Unfortunately I actually cannot make it to New Orleans this weekend—I am passing through from Texas, and circumstances have dictated that I now only have time to meet up with Your Welcoming and Working Boy in Baton Rouge before moving on east.

However, keep the tips coming: I’m saving this post as I have made a solemn oath to properly see the city this October (when I’ll have time).

I WILL have time for more than three meals, I WILL allow myself a Commander’s Palace budget once or twice, and I WILL enjoy the (relatively) cooler autumn air.

Can’t wait. Thanks!

Too bad — but I can’t wait to see you in October. I hope to be able to share at least one of those meals with you in the city.