Hey NYC-area readers, my publisher is putting together the Little Way Of Ruthie Leming book tour, and we’re thinking now about where would be the best bookstore in Manhattan for an in-store reading. What do you think? It’s been a long time since I lived there.

And: would you come? I know I have more than a few New York City readers, but I’d love to know if I could count on you to come out to support Little Way in April, when it is launched.

This is actually a serious question. You might remember last year, when we asked y’all for your input on which cover we should choose for the book. Your heavy voting for the rocking chair cover made a big difference in the publisher’s decision to go with it. I’m told by the publicist on Little Way that the number of people who say they’ll show up for the reading (and mean it) makes a difference in the kind of venue we can book.

For readers outside of NYC, just wait — more cities will be announced soon, and I’ll be asking you the same questions.

So: where in Manhattan should we do this? Will you come?