Go, Cajuns, go!:

SCOTT — A cowboy twice rode his horse into Cowboy’s Saloon Tuesday night, lassoed a man in the parking lot then galloped north down Ambassador Caffery on his horse.

Tammy Guidry said she was at Cowboy’s Saloon with her husband drinking and listening to the bar’s regular Tuesday night entertainer –Dustin Sonnier – when she saw Jeremy Mouton ride his horse through the bar’s entrance.

“All of a sudden we were listening to music and the horse comes through the door. And it was a big horse,” Guidry said. “He came in and nearly clipped the fiddle player.”

Guidry said the noise in the bar startled the horse, which turned around and headed out the door, knocking Mouton’s cowboy hat off when the 26-year-old man’s head hit the top of the door frame.

“But the guy turned (the horse) around and went back in,” Guidry said.

Once the horse and rider were back outside, Mouton lassoed a man twice and bumped him to the ground, said Guidry, who called 911.

 “He came in and nearly clipped the fiddle player.” Gotdammit, I love this state. This is almost as good as the nutria that scared the peeyoddy out of that poor woman at the Wal-mart in Abbeville. I was standing in a man’s backyard this morning asking him about what he does when the zombies come out of the graveyard behind his fence, and was mostly kidding. Mostly.

Incidentally, if you’re ever in Scott, on a horse or in your car, by all means go to the accurately named Best Stop for the best boudin in Louisiana. You’re welcome.