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Is Fidel Castro A Prophet Of Almighty God?

Why, yes he is, according to the elderly commie priest whose right to celebrate mass was just reinstated by Pope Francis, nearly 30 years after John Paul II withdrew them over the priest’s refusal to get out of politics, as Church law demanded. D’Escoto, a Maryknoll father, was the Sandinista government’s foreign minister. And he is today an unrepentant Marxist:

The priest and former Nicaraguan foreign secretary Miguel d´Escoto Brockmann said tday [Tuesday] that Cuban leader Fidel Castro is a chosen man of God to convey the message of the Holy Spirit in Latin America.

The Vatican may silence everyone, then God will make the stones speak, and may the stones spread his message, but He didn’t do this, He chose the greatest Latin-American of all time: Fidel Castro,” the religious, 81 years old, declared today to Channel 4 in the local [Nicaraguan] television.

D’Escoto Brockmann, current director for border issues and international relations of the Government of the President of Nicaragua, the Sandinista Daniel Ortega, made these declarations the day following that in which the Vatican made public the papal decision to lift his “suspension a divinis” that Pope John Paul II had imposed on him.

It is through Fidel Castro that the Holy Spirit sends us the message. This message of Jesus, of the need to struggle to establish, firmly and irreversibly, the kingdom of God on this earth, which is his alternative to the empire,” he added.

D’Escoto kept his real faith all these years, looks like. It’s one thing to be left-wing in your politics, but quite another to deliver such obsequies to a vicious communist dictator and persecutor of the Church and others. John Paul II took the real measure of this man. But he’s dead, and it’s a new day in Rome.

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