The Smoking Gun reports:

The owner of a Michigan party space has canceled a “Freedom 2 Twerk” party after the event’s promoter began circulating promotional flyers featuring a Photoshopped image of Martin Luther King, Jr. wearing a large gold chain and medallion and flashing what appears to be a gang sign.

The January 18 party at Flint’s Social Network Event Center was organized by a group calling itself Mid-Michigan Teen Parties, according to the flyer.

After learning that King’s altered image was used in promotional material, the center’s owner, Vincent McEwen, contacted the promoter and canceled the party. The promoter, McEwen said, did not think there was anything wrong with using the late civil rights leader’s photo to publicize a twerking celebration.

This really is disgusting, but entirely consonant with our all-American habit of using our iconic figures, religious and secular, for promoting commerce. The idea that King gave his life, and the Civil Rights movement existed, so these jackasses can promote acting like rutting animals is profane. This one is particularly noxious, but I feel the same way about “Washington’s Birthday Sale: Recliners Half Off!”