A first-time poster writes:

As an American Christian, conservative and Seminarian in my twenties, I’m actually pretty welcoming of the “invasion” of people from Latin America. Western Europe’s invasion is definitely quite different and somewhat horrifying, but I imagine it’ll sort itself out. Living in [deleted], and going to college with a student body composed of mostly Brazilian millennials has given me hope for the future. The mostly WASP evangelical men in my circle are settling down and marrying the evangelical Brazilian women, having lots of children, and building awesome multiethnic Christian communities. I’ll probably end up doing the same (marrying a Brazilian girl from school).

To put it bluntly, they’re just better than us. The women present well, are pleasant to be around, don’t sleep around or do drugs, are hardworking and much more socially conservative than any of the upper class white or black girls I grew up with in [deleted].

I’m relatively new (3-4 years) to a serious Christian faith, after spending ages 16-21 as a drug abuser, womanizer and a quasi-drug dealer. You’d think that would’ve been considered bad where I’m from, but it was only halfway discouraged and I was one of the more popular people among my peers. I come home every once in a while, and nothing has changed. The churches are still packed to the brim, but there’s very little that could be considered “Christian” about 80% of the church members.

Tonight I’ll find most of them who are my age out at one of the dozens of the bars in my town, hooking up with random people, getting obnoxiously drunk and doing drugs if they’re presented with them. The straight up narcissism, hedonism and just plain self degradation engaged in by my peers, most painfully expressed in the girls I grew up is just downright disgusting. There’s literally no self respect or desire to be better among any who didn’t go off to college. I wish I could find an old fashion southern girl, who respected herself and wanted a family. Needless to say they are few and far in between, and have mostly started that process already at this point at 24-25.

The people Trump’s biggest fans seen to hate so much are ironically the only group capable of saving the culture they love so much, without them we are doomed.