Yes, Neil Munro of the Daily Caller behaved like a jerk by shouting questions at the president during his pandering to the Hispanic vote immigration amnesty speech. Still, Steve Sailer is onto something:

Neil then made himself the worst person in the history of the world by jumping in toward the end of Obama’s speech announcing his amnesty-by-fiat to ask how this will help American workers. A visibly miffed Obama “explained” that “These young people are going to make extraordinary contributions …” And who could possibly argue with that?

If you are a bad, bad person, you might object that illegal immigrants and their descendants aren’t blank slates, that we have many decades of experience with them, and that the evidence from a couple of generations in Southern California is they mostly make wages lower, real estate costs higher, and public schools lousier for working and middle class Americans.

In contrast, they provide almost no competition whatsoever for elite Americans.

Right. They don’t send their children to the public schools attended by children of illegal immigrants. They don’t use the public hospitals cracking under the influx of illegal immigrant patients. As far as the elite are concerned, the only reason anyone would object to this sort of thing is — wait for it — bigotry.

It’s funny what a useful all-purpose rationale that is in American politics.