I’m a little late to this, but a Ron Paul fan e-mails to complain about something he saw on NRO the other day:

This poll says it all, from the National Review:

Putting aside Paul, who won the debate:

+ Gingrich
+ Perry
+ Romney
+ Santorum

[The reader’s comment follows:] Yeah, let’s “put aside” Paul, but not put aside the guy who got less than 1% in N.H. (Perry), the guy who got 4th place in Iowa and N.H. (Gingrich), and the fifth place finisher in NH (Santorum). No, they are all viable. Paul — the guy who got 20% plus in both — he’s not viable.

I tell you what, while Romney will likely win the nomination, Ron Paul could single handedly put a wrecking ball to the GOP’s chances in 2012. He holds the key to so many enthusiastic supporters. If these folks at NR and others in the GOP establishment want to snicker and make fun of the man garnering significant support in the primaries, they do so at their own peril. Paul, unlike any other primary challenger, won’t fall into line so easily (remember, he didn’t endorse McCain in ’08).

They want to divide this party and give Obama 4 more years? Go ahead — mock Ron Paul. See how that works for you.