Because I’m pretty much with him here:

For a proper conservative, American national politics is a desert. You can choose between declared liberals and neo-conservatives who are liberal on all important issues. And that’s it. Or there’s dear old Ron Paul, who is another sort of liberal, really.  But he’s not important anyway. There’s nobody who is really socially conservative, above all nobody who will act( it’s decades too late anyway) to end the lax immigration politics which have revolutionised the country and will render it unrecognisable within 30 years. There’s nobody who will rescue the married family, or protect and recreate manufacturing industry so that ordinary people have proper honest work to do again, or reform the schools, or devise a foreign policy that actually makes the country safer.

What absolutely amazes me about this election is the way that leftish commentators try to build up Mitt Romney as some kind of conservative monster. If only he were.

Thank you, Niall Gooch, for tweeting this. Please, readers, follow Niall on Twitter for routinely interesting links and commentary from conservative Britain. I think of Niall as this here blog’s London bureau chief in the way Fred Gion is our man in Paris.

Anyway, as my TAC colleague Scott Galupo says in this excellent post about George F. Will from an alternative universe, no matter who wins tomorrow, you and I are still going to be breaking rocks.