Germany is looking to reimpose a ban on having sex with animals. Not everybody is happy:

Agriculture minister Ilse Aigner has agreed to change the law to make it illegal for people to “use (animals) for their own sexual activities or sexual acts of third parties” – which also bans the ‘pimping’ of animals to others.

However the move has aroused the ire of zoophile group ZETA.

Lobbyist Michael Kiok, who lives with his dog Cassie, told the newspaper there were more than 100,000 zoophiles in Germany.

“Mere morals have no place in law,” he said.

Mr Kiok said he was worried that if the law took effect the authorities would try to take away his dog.

I was going to use this to make a point about how very few people really believe that the government has no business telling people what they can and can’t do sexually. But forget it: I can’t get past the idea that there are 100,000 people in Germany who enjoy canoodling with their pets. This can’t be true, can it? Herr Kook Kiok admits that’s a wild guess. How many people will actually be affected by this ban? What’s more, I can’t get past the idea that copulation with animals has been legal in Germany since 1969. Clearly, the Soixante-Huitards accomplished so very much in their short time with us.