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How To Get An Abortion

Let the UNC-Chapel Hill Women and Gender Studies Dept show you how to exterminate this problem child (udaix/Shutterstock)

Doing anything Thursday night in Chapel Hill? This sounds like fun:


Thursday, November 19th
6:00-8:30PM, Hamilton Hall 100

Sponsored by UNControllables, Students United for Reproductive Justice – SURJ, and the Women’s and Gender Studies Department.
Free and open to the public. You don’t need to have a uterus to learn about resources for abortion and birth control. You can provide support to your significant other(s), friends, siblings, roommates etc by sharing this information.

The Facebook page for the event gives more details:

Where is the nearest abortion clinic? How much will it cost? What are the legal barriers? Find out in this practical workshop designed to empower you in the event of an unwanted pregnancy and/or unsuredness after unprotected sex.

Learn how to access:
* Plan B, the “morning after pill” (an emergency pregnancy prevention pill)
* Abortion with prescription drugs (mifepristone and misoprostol)
* Surgical abortion
* Options at different stages of pregnancy
* Cost, including health insurance coverage and small grants available from the Carolina Abortion Fund
* What various options feel like, side effects and recovery
* Affirming pre- and post-abortion support options available in the Triangle
* “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” (fake anti-choice clinics). Beware!!
* Legal considerations specific to North Carolina
* And much much more!

Presented in an affirming and gender-inclusive reproductive justice framework. Because bodily autonomy is a human right.

*FREE DINNER PROVIDED FROM Vimala’s Curryblossom Café!!!*

There will be FREE swag including condoms, dental dams, and lube!! We will also have information about semi-permanent birth control (like IUDs) available FREE through UNC Campus Health and the NC Health Department.

Free condoms, dental dams, and lube? Sounds irresistible. How thoughtful of an academic department at UNC-Chapel Hill to sponsor a how-to-exterminate-your-unborn-child teach-in, as well as to make sure attendees leave well-lubricated.

Ghouls, the lot. It’s astonishing that an academic department would be allowed by the university to lend its imprimatur to what amounts to political advocacy.



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