It seems that Harvey Weinstein’s was an effective life of filmmaking, sadly impaired by illness. Why can’t that “disgusted (male) recipient” simply thank Harvey on behalf of those he served well? [See below for what I’m talking about, sarcastically.] Why, only two years ago, the Simon Wiesenthal Center gave him a Humanitarian Award, one of the many plaudits he has received over the years. From The Hollywood Reporter‘s account of the dinner:

Earlier in the evening, Weinstein was described as “a larger-than-life personality” but also “a really nice Jewish boy” by [Dreamworks chief Jeffrey] Katzenberg. The emcee pointed out that Weinstein and his brother, Bob, named their first company, Miramax, after their parents, Miriam and Max, asking — to laughter and applause — “In all the thousands of years and annals of dutiful, nice Jewish boys, how many of them named their company after their parents? C’mon, this is like the ultimate mitzvah!” He also described Weinstein as having “an outsized personality” and“an outsized heart,” and also being “an extraordinary and dedicated philanthropist.”

Waltz handled the actual presentation of Weinstein’s award. Calling Weinstein a man with “a heart of gold,” [emcee Christoph] Waltz pointed out that the honoree has handled the distribution of a great number of films connected to Jews, Nazis and/or the Holocaust — not just Basterds, but also The TruceLife Is BeautifulThe ReaderSarah’s KeyCaptain Corelli’s MandolinThe Imitation Game and the upcoming Woman in Gold. (He then introduced a clip from Woman in Gold — a film about an elderly Jewish woman seeking the return of artwork stolen from her family by Nazis — which opens next week.) He closed, “Harvey’s words, philanthropy and brilliant films inspire all to strive toward righteousness without shielding our eyes from the past.”


I am thoroughly unimpressed by the disgust of anonymous Hollywood figures who knew exactly who Harvey Weinstein was and what he did, but who looked the other way as long as he was useful to them. And when the next Hollywood psychopathic sex abuser is revealed, they’ll be shocked, shocked, to have discovered lechery and perversion going on in this industry. I don’t feel sorry for Weinstein here, but the idea that Hollywood elites are now all of a sudden offended by Harvey Weinstein is revolting in its self-serving quality.

Meanwhile, here’s Boston Cardinal Bernard Law’s letter to the monstrous repeat child rapist Father John Geoghan, finally removing him from ministry. The guys on the Inner Ring will always look after each other: