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A Traitor To Her Political Class

‘It’s a lot more complicated than that,’ says liberal woman reader (Dan Holm/Shutterstock)

A liberal female reader writes (slightly edited for clarity):

Today I saw “taking a knee in the culture wars” and I didn’t click-because I am so darn tired of it all. i realized I am walking around in a bad mood all the time and that’s a sin.

I ran to Hobby Lobby today and as a good blue state liberal felt a twinge of “what will the Episcopalians think if they knew I was hitting up Hobby Lobby for the Sunday School lesson?” I went to Hobby Lobby knew they would have the materials I needed to put together that lesson. Joann’s might, but I KNEW Hobby Lobby would have the goods. When I arrived, I saw a big poster in the front of the store advertising for help.

Hobby Lobby, that terrible organization, pays full time associates $16 per hour (in our city), well above minimum wage, and offers full medical and dental, retirement benefits, sick leave, and vacation. AND since they are closed on Sunday you get one predictable day off which is unheard of in retail.

Now..I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck so I know that there may be very few full time associates in each store and part timers get paid $12 per hour with no bennies–but…we also have a labor shortage so it may be that people DO get full time schedules there.

Employers do get to decide what benefits they will and will not offer–nobody is forcing Hobby Lobby to offer dental insurance or paid time off. They do pay well for a retailer.

But nobody knows that Hobby Lobby is living out their Christian values by treating employees justly–they are just mad that they aren’t paying for their IUD’s. This is how the culture wars warp and distort our minds–mine included.

I decided to be out and proud about supporting this company-because the greater good is a just employer paying a living wage. And employees earning a living wage are empowered to buy that IUD with their wages if they so desire.

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Rod Dreher is a senior editor at The American Conservative. A veteran of three decades of magazine and newspaper journalism, he has also written three New York Times bestsellers—Live Not By Lies, The Benedict Option, and The Little Way of Ruthie Lemingas well as Crunchy Cons and How Dante Can Save Your Life. Dreher lives in Baton Rouge, La.

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