Second Amendment awesomeness from a young scholar at my alma mater:

Arielle Sutton, agriculture business junior, lives in a quaint apartment off campus. In her room, she has a pink vanity chest of drawers; green and pink throw pillows; and a Smith and Wesson M&P 22-claiber rifle under her bed.

Sutton is a member of the newly formed, unofficial Students for Concealed Carried Weapons club and considers the ownership of her rifle an unalienable right.

“Owning a gun is a privilege,” Sutton said. “Everyone should have the right to bear arms, but not everyone can. Some countries don’t allow their citizens to do so.”

… Sutton said governments that enforce gun control tend to become oppressive.

“When Hitler took office, he registered everyone’s guns,” Sutton said.

And their L.L. Bean duck boots! You have been warned.