Was talking the other day to a friend of mine who is a successful small businesswoman. “What is it about these millennials?” she said. I don’t know, what is it about these millennials?

“I’ve interviewed a bunch of them for jobs, and it’s always the same thing. They’re always like, ‘Well, I think this job would be good for me, it would fit my needs and desires in this way and that way,’ et cetera. It’s the craziest thing. They really do see interviewing for a job as a favor they’re doing me and my company, deigning to submit their wonderful selves for my consideration. A lot of these kids haven’t done anything, either. They barely have any useful skills.

“I can’t figure it out. Is this what being raised by helicopter parents does to you? At first I thought it was just the job candidates I was talking to, but it turns out that just about every one of the millennials I’ve interviewed has the same damn attitude.”

I dunno. I’ve never interviewed a Millennial. What do you think?