That’s a clip from the Hillsong megachurch’s Christmas show in London this week, held at the SSE Arena, Wembley. According to the Hillsong London site:

Carols at The SSE Arena is a night that is focused on celebrating what Christmas is really about – JESUS! This is a spectacular creative production that we would love you, your family and friends to be a part of.

Um, er…okay. Christmastime at the Prytania!

UPDATE: A point to ponder from James C.:

It’s funny about Hillsong. Today I’m a pretty hardcore traditional Catholic who almost exclusively attends the traditional Mass and spends the majority of his prayer time praying the Benedictine Divine Office in Latin.

But once upon a time, a decade ago, I had a powerful conversion to Christianity, and it was a conversion that took place (literally) to the strains of Hillsong. I came upon some Evangelicals a university who became dear friends, and whom God was able to use to reach me, and pull me at last out of two decades of darkness. I temporarily moved in with one of these dear friends upon my conversion, and in those crucial weeks following, Hillsong (played by him every morning as he prayed and read the Bible with me) was a regular refrain.

And you know? I’m grateful—for Hillsong, for those dear faithful Evangelical brothers and sisters who reached out to me, and to my God whose love saved me from death. What a miracle! What a blessing!

Yes, I’m a hardcore trad Catholic who would probably feel more at home in the 13th century than in the 20th, but I still can’t listen to this songs today without tearing up:

Deo gratias.