My daughter Nora, no doubt wondering what all the fuss was about, said she would like for me to read her some Dante. So I opened the first cant of Inferno, and explained it as well as I could to her. Then I began to read. I noticed that after I started, she picked up an envelope from the side table and started to draw on it with a marker. When I finished reading the canto aloud, she showed me her drawing. She illustrated Canto I. Notice Dante’s scream (“Aaaa!”), the grr snarl of the “Tiger” (she meant Lion), and the She-Wolf in the middle. And notice Virgil to the right of the hill. “That’s light coming off of him,” the artist tells me. That’s the Dark Wood on the far right. The artist is holding her illustration.

It’s not Doré, but it’s the best we got here on Fidelity Street. I love that kid.