Caught Mike Huckabee on Fox a short time ago lamenting the terrible job (in his view) that the Republican Party has done “reaching out” to black voters. GOP elites have been saying this forever. The idea seems to be that if Republicans did better at “outreach” to black folks, they would vote Republican in greater numbers. What could possibly falsify this theory? Isn’t it possible that the GOP has done a respectable job of reaching out to black voters, but black voters — rightly or wrongly — simply don’t want to vote Republican? I mean, that they’ve thought about it, and said, “No thanks, we’ll stick with the Democrats”?

I just wish the Republican elites would quit flogging themselves over this. By this point, the “we’re doing bad at outreach” line is meaningless. Republicans are never going to win a meaningful number of black voters, and the idea that the Republicans have something to be ashamed of for not winning more of that demographic in a year when America’s first black president is up for re-election is crackpot. Move on.