A reader writes:

Would you be willing to run a thread asking readers to recommend colleges? We have done some basic research (National Review Guide, First Things guide, Colleges That Change Lives, Excellent Sheep) and my daughter has a wish list, but we would love more input. Also, it might cheer people up.

I was encouraged to hear you say good things about Baylor and Villanova. The upper South is of particular interest.

We’re perfectly okay with secular liberalism if it’s fair-minded, as it was in my law school in the waning days of PC 1.0. I just don’t want anyone getting spat on.

In particular, if anyone went to a school with an honor code, did it help?

What a great idea. A candle-in-the-darkness kind of thing. Let’s hear from you, readers. If you were advising parents who want to send their kid to a college that has not been compromised by political correctness or Social Justice Warriors, and where it is possible to get a good traditional, non-ideological education, what would you advise? Which programs are worthwhile? Please be specific, and helpful. I’m not going to post any gripey comments on this thread.

UPDATE: Folks, please, if you’re going to make a suggestion, explain why you are suggesting it. It doesn’t do any good to say “____ University” if you don’t tell us why it’s a good choice. And let’s not let this discussion stray too far from the topic. The reader asks for practical information. I’d like to know the same thing, frankly.

UPDATE.2: A reader adds an important dimension to this debate:

However, and I don’t mean to misdirect the thread, I worry about jobs in these economy and the value of the degrees from some of these programs, economically. Before all the Classical Ed and Liberal Arts true believers attack, I don’t mean to criticize, I have an undergraduate Philosophy degree myself, and I’m glad I do. But maybe we could add to the discussion: where can we find schools that fulfill all of the original discussion goals but also have good job prospects, career placement programs, internship connections and or business/engineering departments?
Our young people are going to struggle to change the culture, live the BenOp, raise families etc. if they are unemployed, or reliant on the State. I say this as a 27-year-old, married, holder of an undergrad Philosophy degree who is finally succeeding financially, but only after long, challenging graduate professional education.