To Fulwar Skipwith! To Liberty!

Hey, the reason I put a bunch of posts up this morning is because I’m headed out today to Lafayette, for the Festival International de Louisiane. I need to cool my head, given that I’ve been all het up on revolutionary ardor (that’s me on the front porch, wrapped in the Bonnie Blue flag of the Republic of West Florida, meditating on the meaning of liberty in the shadow of American imperialism — see here for an explanation of how I, and all citizens of the Lost Republic, are being sorely oppressed). I’ll try to approve comments as I can from the festival grounds, via iPhone, but it’s going to be slow today. I’ll drink some beer for y’all. Meanwhile, here are a few nice videos for you. First, there’s this absolute must-see short film (about 12 minutes) about the cochon de lait (pig roast) culture of Avoyelles Parish. It’s not for vegetarians, for sure. Man oh man, there is so much essential about southern Louisiana culture captured in that little movie. This one old Cajun guy says that the way to live is to savor good everyday things like roast pig now, because life is going to throw a lot of bad stuff at you. That, to me, is what it’s all about, right there. I’m going to post that video above the jump. But below the jump, you’ll see the official Festival video, and then another one about food in Acadiana that Peter K. sent along. Bon journee — and remember, I’ll approve comments as soon as I can, but it’s going to be slow going for the rest of the day.