I have for years strongly recommended to my readers the Mars Hill Audio Journal, Ken Myers’ quarterly in which he interviews thought leaders, not all of them Christian or even religious, on topics of vital interest to intellectually and culturally engaged Christians. If you are an intellectually serious Christian, you should want to understand the culture of postmodernity — and I cannot imagine a better guide than Mars Hill Audio Journal.

Now, right after the Hosanna-Tabor ruling, and Obama’s HHS policy infringing on the conscience rights of Catholic institutions, I’m pleased to discover that MHAJ has a fairly new spinoff: Dialogues on Law & Justice,¬†where host Ken Myers conducts in-depth interviews with scholars about issues related to faith and the law. These are downloadable without subscription — in other words, they’re free. If you know Ken’s interview style, you’ll know that he has a knack for asking deep, probing questions, but in a way that makes the topics accessible to a non-specialist audience. And you’ll know too that he approaches these topics not from a strictly political or even tactical viewpoint, but from one of philosophical and theological first principles, informed by a rich understanding of history.

Hosanna-Tabor, and now HHS, signal to conservatives that questions surrounding the law and religious liberty are going to be even more crucial in the years to come. And so, in turn, will the Dialogues on Law & Justice site.