Here we go again:

A transgender high school student in Missouri is facing backlash from her peers after requesting to use the girls’ bathrooms and locker room.

More than 100 students at Hillsboro High School, about an hour south of St Louis, walked out of class on Monday in protest.

“I’m hoping this dies down,” said Lila Perry, the 17-year-old who began identifying as a girl publicly in February. “I don’t want my entire senior year to be like this.”


Ms. Perry previously used a unisex faculty bathroom, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Mr. Good said he got involved after hearing about a female student who encountered “an intact male” in the girls’ locker room.

“It’s a violation of my daughters’ rights to privacy to not have a policy,” he said.

So, this 17 year old boy who believes he is a girl had an accommodation to use a faculty bathroom, but that wasn’t good enough. So now, to make a political point, girls who use the girls’ bathroom at the school will have to share it with a high school senior male, or else … bigotry? Don’t these young women have the right to go to the bathroom without a 17-year-old boy — because biologically, that’s what he is, penis and all — in the stall next to them?

What a country. For those kids who remain in public schools as courts uphold the right of boys who think they’re girls to use high school girls’ bathrooms, I suppose they will all be herded into a re-education session with The Gender Unicorn:


OK, I’m snarking, but I’m doing so in despair. Once you accept that sexual desire and expression is at the defining core of an individual’s identity, in a society like ours, built on the sanctity of individual rights, it’s all over for traditionalists in the public square.