Amici, I am going to Siena, Italy, this summer for a Dante event, and to see the Palio, on July 2. I am planning to leave Siena on Friday July 3 and return home through Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, on Monday July 6 or Tuesday July 7, depending on the flights. I wanted to set aside three days at least to be in France.

It’s hard to find accommodations in Paris on the first week of July, though I’d love to be there. Plus, I’m game to see a part of France I’ve never been in. Do you have any suggestions? A friend and reader of this blog came up with a fantastic itinerary involving Avignon and Uzès, but I’m concerned that it will take too long to get there, given the short window of time I’ll have. Still, I’m thinking about it.

Suggestions? I’m blegging.

Casella, my faithful companion from last fall’s trip, can’t make this journey. I will be taking with me my Louisiana lawyer friend, Sordello, who is both a Francophile and a Francophone, as well as a great lover of food. Where in France should M. Sordello and I go for that long weekend, bearing in mind that we need to have a pretty easy shot to get to CDG. (Also, I need to be in Paris to refill the gastronomic larder with mustards and cheeses.)