Florida Boy!:

School district officials in South Florida say they followed standard protocol last week when a 7-year-old boy was placed in handcuffs and removed from his school after he punched his teacher repeatedly in the back, kicked her and grabbed her hair. The incident began Thursday when a teacher at the Coral Way K-8 Center in Miami told the first-grader to stop playing with his food in the cafeteria.

When the child refused to stop, he was taken from the cafeteria, according to an incident report from Miami-Dade County Public Schools police officer Munick Soriano.

The report says the boy hit the teacher repeatedly in the back when they were in a hallway outside the cafeteria. The child continued punching and kicking the teacher until they both fell on the ground.

Eventually the boy was hospitalized briefly at Miami Children’s Hospital under the Florida Mental Health Act, based on behavioral criteria that indicated he could pose a threat to himself or others, school district officials said.

The child’s mother, Mercy Alvarez, said her son doesn’t have a mental disorder. Instead, she called her son’s arrest “police abuse.”

Turns out that wasn’t the kid’s first time in trouble. He was accused of kicking a teacher back in November.

You know what this kid’s biggest problem is? His mother. If my kid had hit and kicked and yanked the hair of the teacher, I would have begged the teacher’s forgiveness, then worn the little brat’s butt out when I got him home. And I would have been ashamed in front of the world that my seven year old had was arrested and had to be restrained by handcuffs.

This won’t be the last time that brat is taken away in handcuffs over the course of his life, I bet. Great job, Mercy Alvarez.