Here’s an interesting experiment.  A fitness trainer in excellent shape decided to let himself go for six months, get fat by eating a diet of fast food and processed food, then show how easy it is (he thinks) to get back in shape. Here’s his statement of purpose:

This is my story of how I plan on going from being obsessed with being fit, to fat in 6 months and how I plan on showing everyone how to get back to fit again in 6 more months. My diet will be unrestricted and I will refrain from any exercise during my fat stage. I plan on putting on around 50-60 pounds. After those 6 months, I will be teaching people how to get back in shape by allowing everyone to follow my specific meal plans and workout plans on this site. I will be documenting my progress every step of the way and blogging about it, from weekly pics, measurements, and even allowing people to decide what fatty foods I should partake of during my fat stage.

If you look at the then-and-now photos, it’s astonishing that a guy who was that muscular could become a tub in only 23 weeks. He’s gained 70 pounds. The eight-week point appears to have been when he really started to slide. What has he been eating? Check out his daily menu before, and what he’s eating now.  His current diet seems totally normal by contemporary American standards. Hmm.

Over to you, Sam McDonald.