A reader writes:

Fast food makes me feel fat, but as a way to resist the bullies on the left, I decided to buy Chick Fil A for a homeless man.

There’s an idea. Go thee and do likewise, if you can. Then blog, tweet, or Facebook about it, to let people know and to encourage others.

Meanwhile, Get Religion continues to do first-rate work calling out the ignorance of and hostility towards religion in some mainstream media reporting on the Chick-fil-A hysteria. I love this catch, from Mollie Hemingway:

We all know that phobias are irrational fears. And if feeling uncomfortable about the construction of a large mosque near the site of a massive terrorist attack committed in the name of Islam is an irrational fear, surely using the power of the government to keep perfectly-fried chicken sandwiches away from the good people of Chicago and Boston is an irrational fear, right? So let’s check out the -phobia headline used by Time magazine in its story about this recent manufactured media outrage. Christianophobia is clunky but it’s the best parallel. Is that the phobia that will be invoked in the headline? Let’s check it out:

Boston Mayor Blocks Chick-fil-A Franchise from City over Homophobic Attitude

Wait, what?

The attitude that Time wants to call out is not the mayor’s but the one that’s on the receiving end of government’s big stick here? And we’re going to call the belief that marriage should be defined as the union of one man and one woman … “homophobic”? Really? Or as one political reporter I follow on Twitter put it:

Did Time magazine ever call Clinton or Obama “homophobic” when they were against gay marriage?