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A Full Monk Of Norcia

Via Monks of Norcia

Wonderful news from Father Benedict, prior of the Norcia monastery: Father Martin Bernhard has made his full profession of vows as a Benedictine monk:

The solemn profession of Fr. Martin Bernhard last week left many in the chapel in tears.

Surrounded by family, friends and his monastic brothers, Fr. Martin’s resounding “Volo” (“I do desire”), in answer to the several ritual questions within the ceremony, publicly announced his commitment to remain a monk of Norcia until his death.

What does he desire? Stability in Norcia. Poverty. Obedience and chastity. Conversion of his life. To renounce “the pomps of the world.” This last phrase evocatively refers to all those things in the world that might take us away from God. May this be true for Fr. Martin and all Christians.

Idleness can take us away from God, and for that reason, St. Benedict encourages monks to work. Recently, our work has been focused on the building of our new monastery on the mountainside. For what remains of 2017, we’ve decided to focus our efforts on the construction of a new brewery. Starting and finishing the brewery this year, God willing, will enable us to continue our industry of brewing beer. That way, long after the hard work of building the monastery is over, the monks can continue to glorify God through the work of their own hands as St. Benedict prescribed.

Here’s a new video of the monks in their new, post-earthquake quarters:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBDgnVT_eic&w=525&h=300]

Y’all know how much I love and support these monks, and how important I believe their mission is to all Christians (even us non-Catholic ones) in the West. Please consider helping them if you can. If you have read and benefited from The Benedict Option, I encourage you to help these good men.

Here’s a photo of Father Martin, serving Your Working Boy and his friend Casella beer in 2015 at the monastery:

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