Happy Inauguration Day. Here is a short video report the BBC did about politics, localism, and Your Working Boy. You get to see some images of St. Francisville, including our local coffee shop and breakfast place, the Bird Man, as well as the very chair from which this here blog is written most of the time. Also, check out images of our new church. The BBC crew came down on a cold, wet, miserable day, but I think they got some good stuff, and I’m grateful for their attention.

Of course they couldn’t get everything. I’m sorry you didn’t get to hear the terrific political commentary my friend James Fox-Smith, the grey-haired guy at the Bird Man table with Dr. Chip Tregle and me. James is an Aussie expat, and said in our conversation that the whole issue of taxation, individual liberty, and the state is a much, much bigger deal in the US than it is elsewhere within the Anglosphere. James publishes Country Roads, an excellent regional magazine, and from that vantage point spoke about how very different things look from the inside here, versus how they look to his overseas pals. He said something to the effect of if you believed the media portrayal, you would think that this was a hot bed of militant right-wingery, and we were at each other’s throats. In fact, partisan politics barely touches daily life around here, no matter what people’s personal politics may be. Good.

UPDATE:  Noah172 found the clip on YouTube, making it embeddable: