I hope you’re sitting down before you read watch this stunning CBS story of a Texas woman who had to wait over six decades to find out what happened to the man she married six weeks before he shipped out to World War II — and how she lived her life in the absence of that knowledge. And how the widow’s Congressman, whom she now forgives, treated her like garbage.

Congressman Mac Thornberry, you know what you are? But everybody who saw Steve Hartman’s piece knows. You ought to crawl up that poor lady’s driveway on your knees to apologize for the way you did her.

But there is more to this story — a follow-up that the Mighty Favog has embedded on his blog.  It is one of the most moving things I have ever seen. If you think the story above was something, just follow that link and see the rest of the story. It’s heart-shakingly beautiful, one of those things you watch and think, “Did that really happen? In this world?”