Those stupid, stupid people:

European Union lawmakers lifted the EU parliamentary immunity of French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen on Thursday for tweeting pictures of Islamic State violence.

Le Pen, who leads her National Front party in the European legislature, is under investigation in France for posting three graphic images of Islamic State executions on Twitter in December 2015, including the beheading of American journalist James Foley.

Le Pen’s immunity shielded her from prosecution. By lifting it, after a request from the French judiciary, the parliament is allowing any eventual legal action against her.

The move grants the prosecutor looking into the affair power to bring Le Pen in for police questioning.

In the next steps, the prosecutor could drop the case, appoint an investigating magistrate to delve further into it, or send it straight to trial. A trial date ahead of the election in April and May would require the French legal process to go much faster than it normally does.

The law under which Le Pen could be charged forbids “publishing violent images”. Presumably if Le Pen had tweeted out clips from “Pulp Fiction,” she could also have been brought up on charges. Right?

But let’s be serious: Le Pen is being threatened with prosecution because she tweeted out actual images of actual murders carried out by Islamic militants. These images are ones that European elites would prefer not to see, and would prefer that their peoples not see, because they raise uncomfortable questions about Islamic radicalization and terrorism in Europe itself. Those questions raise more questions about what European governing elites are doing — or rather, not doing — to deal effectively with the threat inside Europe.

Therefore, Marine Le Pen must be silenced and punished for telling truths that are inconvenient to the European elites.

If I were her, I would say, “Bring it on!” If the ruling class is going to persecute Le Pen for tweeting images of actual events, they’re going to dig their own political graves. If they believe that Le Pen is using those images in an inflammatory or misleading way, then make that argument. But trying to throw her into the dock for tweets that are not false or defamatory is madness. They are going to make a free-speech martyr out of her — and hand her the French presidency.

UPDATE: James C. comments:

And why did she tweet those images? Because a French journalist equated her party to the Islamic State! In response to that outrageous provocation, she addressed him and posted images with the caption, “Daesh c’est ÇA!” (Daesh is THIS!).

These ‘mainstream’ globalist eurocrats and their media allies will stop at nothing.

And Noah172 says:

You write that Le Pen might be “martyred” figuratively, but Wilders in the Netherlands might get martyred literally: he recently had to cancel all public appearances because police uncovered collusion of a Muslim Dutch policeman assigned to Wilders’ security with Muslim criminals.

Noah is right. Here’s the shocking story:

With less than 2 weeks until Dutch election, the government has assigned special forces of the Dutch military to protect the frontrunner Geert Wilders, European newspapers report.

Europe’s most prominent critic of Islam and leader of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), Wilder had suspended his public campaign last week after a police officer serving in his security detail was arrested for leaking details about his movements to Moroccan-Muslim criminal organisation.

With promises of ‘de-Islamising’ the Netherlands and taking the country out of the European Union, Wilders has been leading the polls ahead of the March 15 election. The result of the election in the Netherlands is bound to set the tone for the two major elections coming up in Europe later this year: the France presidential election in April-May and the German parliamentary election in September.

Dutch Government’s move, to transfer Wilders’ security over to the country’s military, points to the lack of faith in country’s law enforcement to protect the life of PVV leader who has been on the crosshairs of international Jihadi groups for more than a decade.

More on the story, in The Guardian, from late February:

Dutch media reported this week that a member of the far-right politician’s police security team had been arrested on suspicion of leaking details of his whereabouts to a Dutch-Moroccan criminal gang.

The Algemeen Dagblad newspaper reported on Thursday that the officer and his brother, both previously members of the Utrecht police force, had also been investigated in the past in connection with suspected leaks of confidential information.

The DBB security service, responsible for the safety of the royal family, diplomats and high-profile politicians, said the officer, of Moroccan origin, was not one of Wilders’ bodyguards but screened locations for his public appearances.

You may remember that in 2002, Pim Fortuyn, who was the leading candidate for Dutch prime minister, was shot dead shortly before the election. His killer was a young environmental extremist who said he acted to protect Muslims, whom Fortuyn criticized for their radicalism. This is not a joke in the Netherlands.