Here’s something weird. After turning in a piece, I had a hard mono crash this afternoon — I’ve been struggling with a deadline, and the writing has been unusually difficult — and slept for two hours. Just before I woke up about 15 minutes ago, I dreamed that our hens were out in the backyard, and had laid 13 eggs, which I discovered.

Moments ago, sitting in my chair next to the bedroom window, I heard one of the hens making a hellacious racket under the crape myrtle tree by the window. One of the kids went out to see what had happened. That hen had laid two eggs, which has never before happened, and she laid them in the yard, which has also never happened. Right outside my window. Seriously, this just happened.

What does this mean? Come on, it has to mean something. Maybe it just means that each of the versions of this essay was an egg. Edith Massey, come back from the dead and interpret this occurrence!