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Just made a pilgrimage to the Duck Commander HQ with Lucas and Nora, who are huge fans of the show. They were dazzled by it, and Lucas even got to meet Godwin. I’m telling you, those Robertsons are printing money. Since I was there this summer, they’ve hugely expanded the gift shop, and Willie bought adjoining property so the visitors would have a place to park. He also bought a little brick house across the street and turned it into a place to buy cold drinks after a pilgrim passed out from the heat this summer. It doesn’t hurt that they sell Cokes in souvenir cups for $4.95.

It’s weird to see all that commercialism and not begrudge the Robertsons any of it, because they come off as such nice people. The kids want to eat at Willie’s Duck Diner for lunch, so, yep, we’ll go. I simply cannot get over that these hirsute, Jesus-loving rednecks are massive rock stars getting filthy rich just being themselves. Sometimes, the good guys really do win.

UPDATE: Hey, don’t forget to come see me at the Chennault Museum in Monroe today, speaking at 3:30 and again at 6:30, and meeting folks and signing The Little Way Of Ruthie Leming in between (Books-a-Million will be there selling copies). I have a beard too! Not nearly as impressive as some people’s beards, but one does what one can.

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