Your Mammaw loves it, why don’t you? (meunierd/Shutterstock)

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a sign of the times:

It’s a Friday night and Jason Zubovic is in his glory as Miss Thea Trix, mastress of ceremonies for Miss Thea’s Drag Queen Bingo. The fundraiser for the fire department is a near sellout.

“Has anyone ever been to drag queen bingo before? Because we’re gonna have f- – – in’ fun!” he shouts as he warms up the crowd. “I’m not here to be pretty, I’m here to be a drag queen! So the more you drink, the better I look!”


He’s marveled at how drag has come in from the fringes to be mainstream entertainment, citing the TV show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” as an example.

Mr. Zubovic started the six-man troupe less than four years ago. Easily found on Facebook, they are booked solid, mostly for fundraisers for volunteer fire departments, cancer charities, performing arts organizations and animal rescues. They also opened for Taylor Dayne at Pittsburgh Pride Week in June.

“Whatever needs our help,” Mr. Zubovic said. “It’s our hobby, it’s our passion, but we’re helping tons of people.”


Members of the troupe perform between bingo games. It’s a bawdy night of dancing and lip-syncing, with humor that is definitely R-rated. This is one of the few spaces where blue-haired drag queens hold court with blue-haired ladies.

“They love it the most!” Andrew Mehler, aka Boston Michaels, said of their older fans.

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As the Catholic reader who sent this item to me said, about both the drag and the F-bomb-dropping:

My mom would die. Just die. But we’ve lost the old ladies. It’s over.