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Dostoevskian Demons on Campus

A reader writes about the possession of his/her university campus by Dostoevskian demons:

With the recent legalization of gay marriage in the US, the LGPBTTQQIIAA+ community has been floundering for a new cause to rally behind. “The fight isn’t over” as they say here in California. In desperate attempts to find purpose in this world of oppression, some of the once “gay” men and women have decided that being gay isn’t enough to stand out. And thus we have the birth of the most confused mess of gender and sexual identity the world has ever seen. In student government here at my university, we are required to attend workshops and seminars which help us become more diverse and inclusive. Allow me to share with you what I have learned from these workshops about gender and sexuality.

First, gender identity is now a greyscale, and being uncertain about where one lies on the gender scale is popular among the trendy communities. This uncertainty is now referred to as being “gender-queer” and is often simplified to just “queer”. However, think twice before you call someone queer because you can’t call someone queer unless you are one. Wow that’s a lot of queers for two sentences! An even more queer gender identity is one that varies throughout the day or week, with the moon, the tides, the last meal, and the temperature. They call this one gender-fluid. No, ladies and gentleman (and others), you can’t drink it, but if you are feeling really girly in the morning, then you are a girl, regardless of your plumbing. But if your hamburger makes you feel manly later in the day, then hop in that big ol’ pickup truck of yours because today you’re a man. Being gender-fluid allows you to transform genders at will. A fluid individual can change between transgender, asexual and of course, the dreaded cisgender. All of us normal people are cisgendered which in today’s “progressive” society is now “outdated.” According to the teachings of wise and tolerant individuals, the human race has to evolve away from the arcane gender binary and embrace the dissociation of one’s gender from one’s sex. If you think that’s confusing, we are just getting started.

Sexual identity is even more diverse and inclusive than gender. Many of the gender and sexual identities overlap, but bear with me. I will include here a list of the sexual identities that I have encountered here at my University along with my closest interpretation of their meanings:

Heterosexual- You already know.

Homosexual- If you are sexually attracted to the same sex.

Bisexual- If you are a boy and you are sexually attracted to other boys and other girls but not the in-betweens.

Asexual- You hate the world.

Pansexual- 1) You are sexually attracted to anyone. 2) You are sexually attracted to pans?

Biromantic- You are sexually attracted to one gender, but romantically attracted to the other.

Transsexual- This is strangely not a sexual identity.

Androsexual- You are sexually attracted to men.

Queer- 1) You aren’t sure what you are attracted to. 2) A label if you don’t already have one.

In public meetings, being diverse and inclusive is just as important as literacy. I do believe diversity and inclusion is important, but when debate is thwarted every 20 minutes or so by a student who calls out someone for using the word “guys” when referring to the participants as a whole (a sin punishable by death), one must question where we draw the line. We can thank the south for the progressives’ new favorite gender-inclusive word, “y’all” which is so much more inclusive. Heaven forbid we use “heteronormative” terminology. Is a mailman now a mailperson? A fireman a fireperson? A butler a but-person? The English language obviously needs a complete renovation for true inclusivity to be achieved.

In all seriousness being inclusive and understanding is necessary for a functional society, but the movement is being taken too far. It frustrates me that our student government wastes so much time and money ensuring that a small fraction of campus feels validated. Many students have lost sight of real world issues such as an overly enrolled campus, maintenance issues, tuition hikes, campus safety, and improper allocation of student fees. When anyone attempts to prioritize real world issues on campus, they are immediately shutdown and labeled as a capitalist, white, privileged, cisgendered, heterosexuals who don’t understand oppression. If anyone questions the allocations of money towards LGBPTTQQIIAA+ community, he or she (or other) is automatically deemed ethically wrong.

Now that sexual orientation has been constitutionally recognized, the LGBPTTQQIIAA+ community spends most of its time clogging up discussion, requesting gender-neutral bathrooms, and shutting out opposing opinions with their incessant need for validation. These people have considered themselves victims of oppression their whole lives and now that they are not legally oppressed, they complain about improper vocabulary when referring to the “many” genders and sexual orientations. No one gives a hoot about whether or not you recognize your genetically coded identity. If people want to pretend that they are a woman when they are not, let them; it doesn’t affect the rest of us. If you truly believe in your identity, you don’t need validation from others.


Anonymous California Student

P.S. If the administration of my university were to identify me as the author of this letter, I would be at risk of expulsion. Yay first amendment!

You know, we laugh at this stuff, but there is a profound sickness present here, and an incredibly destructive nihilism present. The entire university is being held hostage to these deranged narcissists who are fully possessed by ideology, and the Stepan Trofimoviches who enable them. Something’s gotta give — but what?

It really is diabolical, at least in the sense that I spoke of in this past post. Excerpt:

Rieff’s prophetic point is that Western culture has renounced renunciation, has cast off the ascetic spirit, and therefore has deconverted from Christianity whether it knows it or not. In bringing this up with my priest friend, I asked him why he thought sex was at the center of the Christian symbolic that has not held.

“It goes back to Genesis 1,” he said. “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. Then he told them to ‘be fruitful and multiply.’ We see right there in the beginning the revelation that male and female, that complementarity, symbolizes the Holy Trinity, and in their fertility they carry out the life of the Trinity.”

In other words, from the perspective of the Hebrew Bible, gender complementarity and fertility are built into the nature of ultimate reality, which is God. Our role as human beings is to strive to harmonize our own lives with that reality, because in so doing we dwell in harmony with God.

“Do you know what the word ‘symbol’ means in the original Greek?” he asked. I said I did not.

“It means ‘to bring together,’” he said.

“To integrate,” I replied.

“Yes. Now, do you know what the antonym for symbol is?”


“It is diabolos, which means to tear apart, to separate, to throw something through another thing.”

“So when something is diabolic, it means it is a disintegrating force?”

“You could say that, yes,” he said. “All the time I’m dealing with the fallout from divorce and families breaking up. Kids who don’t know their fathers. You should hear these confessions. It’s a huge deal. You can see the loss of the sense of what family is for, and why it’s important.”

He said that the students he works with are so confused, needy, and broken. Many of them have never seen what a functional, healthy family looks like, and have grown up in a culture that devalues the fundamental moral, metaphysical, and spiritual principles that make stable and healthy family formation possible — especially the belief that the generative powers of sex, within male-female complementarity, is intimately related to the divine nature, and the ongoing life of the Trinity. Nobody has ever explained it to them, he says. If they’ve heard anything from the Church, it’s something like, “Don’t do this because the Bible says not to” — which is not enough in this time and place. And many of them have never, or have rarely, seen it modeled for them by the adults in their lives.

A person who believes in the dis-integrating of reality is insane. And here were are. Diabolical is the right word for it.

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