Devin P. Kelley, the Texas church mass murderer, from his Facebook page

This is Devin P. Kelley, the deceased mass murderer of at least 27 men, women, and children who were peacefully worshiping God at a Southern Baptist church on Sunday morning. The photo comes from his now-deleted Facebook page. As of this writing, we do not know his motive. He did not live in the town of Sutherland Springs. He identified on Facebook as an atheist. He was dishonorably discharged received a bad conduct discharge from the military and was court martialed a few years ago. That’s about all we know now.

But some people — like this guy from Los Angeles — know everything:

The dead include children. No word yet on whether or not they voted for Donald Trump.

Can you imagine hating your political opponents so much that you cheer for the mass murder of people who might support a politician you despise? Can you imagine being so deranged by hate that this is the kind of thing you say publicly, and put your name to? Well, Mr. Gonzalez’s Facebook page identifies the company in Carson, Calif., for which he works. I imagine his supervisor will have something to say to him in the morning.

Meanwhile, a different kind of crazy:

Think about that. The top law enforcement official in the state of Texas advises believers to take their guns to church in order to protect themselves from mass shootings.

I’m not sure whether it’s more disturbing that the AG said this, or that we live in a country in which a senior public official thinks this is a reasonable thing to say.

We have lost our minds.