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A Detransitioner Jumps Off The Trans Train

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27qjn0v4Av4]

Above, a remarkable story from 60 Minutes Australia, about Patrick, an Australian boy diagnosed as transgender as an adolescent. He began living as a girl at 12. He demanded puberty blockers, and threatened to run away or kill himself if he didn’t get them. He couldn’t get them easily under Australian law, so Patrick’s mother put him on her own estrogen pills at 13. It permanently changed his body. But then at 14, Patrick decided that he wanted to be a boy. Now he’s walking around with breasts, and his mother is trying to get him surgery to remove them.

Watching the story, you feel for these people. The mother had no business doing what she did, but medical authorities, which she trusted, told her Patrick was transgender, and then Patrick threatened to kill himself if he didn’t get what he wanted. She loves her son, and wanted to save his life. She ended up very nearly ruining it. Her, and the doctors treating him.

Amy Welborn cuts loose on the transgender mass hysteria. She calls for widespread resistance. Excerpts (all emphases in the original):

Resist attempts to change the law, resist the intrusion of this into your schools, your public spaces  – snort derisively  when you’re asked your pronouns – and never stop being deeply and annoyingly logical. So if your community passes some sort of Self-ID in terms of gender, the next time you go to the DMV or have to fill out a form indicating your identifying characteristics – go crazy. If you’re Asian with straight black hair, demand to be accepted as an Irish redhead. If you’re obviously a woman, calmly claim that you’re a dude. If you’re 60, put down 1982 as your birthdate. And don’t let go – demand to know why – if that guy over there can be named “woman of the year,” can win women’s sporting events, can be awarded a woman’s spot on a committee – it is perfectly logical that I, too, can self-identify in any way, respect or category I decide. 

There is no logical argument. None. 

It is mostly misogynistic, crowd-driven, profit-fueled gnosticism. 


And it needs to stop – and the law could play a part in stopping it – or opening up the floodgates. Either way. The citizens of this country – who make the laws, remember – could demand, for a start, that their state and federal representatives ban medical transitioning of minors – no drugs, no puberty blockers, no hormones, and God help us, no surgery. No teen girls lining up for binders and mastectomies, no boys, their genitals shrunk by years of puberty blockers and estrogen, having their penises and testicles sliced off, the remaining skin tucked in to form what amounts nothing more than an open wound that must, for the rest of their lives – the rest of their lives  – be dilated daily for….what? 

Start with banning that in your state. Don’t allow it and run the medical professionals who profit from it out of business. And then stand firm against the Equality Act. If you have the opportunity to interact with one of the Democratic candidates, ask them about it and don’t let go. Don’t accept platitudes. Ask, over and over – Should any biological male who says he is female be granted access to women’s spaces such as locker rooms? Well, we need to be an inclusive society, welcoming of all people. Great. Should any biological male who says he is female be granted access to women’s spaces such as locker rooms and restrooms? Trans folks experience a lot of discrimination, you know. That’s too bad. Should any biological male who says he is female be granted access to women’s spaces such as locker rooms, restrooms and prisons? I’m for equality for all people. Good for you. Should any biological male who says he is female be granted access to women’s spaces such as locker rooms, restrooms, prisons and shelters for abused women?

Read it all. We are going to have to do this ourselves, because as is perfectly obvious to anyone who follows this stuff, the news media are entirely on the side of the trans activists. As is corporate America, the Woke Capitalists. Make all Democratic candidates answer these questions. 

As Welborn points out, every one of the Democratic presidential candidates has endorsed the Equality Act, which would write transgenderism into civil rights law. I bet not one person in 1,000 in this country even knows about this. That cannot stand.

For that matter, make all Republican candidates answer these questions too. They’ll probably give you the answer you want to hear, but push them on it: What are you planning to do to derail the trans train, and protect vulnerable women and children?

Can we not pass laws saying that no one should receive cross-sex hormones or transsexual surgery until they are 18 years old, no matter what?

Can we not pass laws making it a crime for schools and other institutions to deceive parents about the sexual and gender identity of students? Why does GLSEN run our schools, anyway?


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Rod Dreher is a senior editor at The American Conservative. A veteran of three decades of magazine and newspaper journalism, he has also written three New York Times bestsellers—Live Not By Lies, The Benedict Option, and The Little Way of Ruthie Lemingas well as Crunchy Cons and How Dante Can Save Your Life. Dreher lives in Baton Rouge, La.

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