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Deranged Daily News

The New York Daily News has apparently committed itself to and editorial policy of hating Christians. First we had the prayer-shaming cover, then the cover calling the NRA chief a “terrorist” who is just as bad as mass killers. Now Daily News columnist Linda Stasi has written a piece saying that a right-wing Christian who was slaughtered by the Islamic terrorists in San Bernardino was as evil as they. No kidding. Excerpts:

They were two hate-filled, bigoted municipal employees interacting in one department. Now 13 innocent people are dead in unspeakable carnage.

One man spent his free time writing frightening, NRA-loving, hate-filled screeds on Facebook about the other’s religion.

The other man quietly stewed and brewed his bigotry, collecting the kind of arsenal that the Facebook poster would have envied.

What they didn’t realize is that except for their different religions they were in many ways similar men who even had the same job.

Read the whole thing. What kind of person writes this? What kind of newspaper publishes it? Nicholas Thalasinos, the dead man, sounds like a man with deeply unpleasant, even repugnant, views. But here’s the thing: Thalasinos did not pick up a gun and massacre anybody, not even the people he hated. In fact, he died as a victim of fanatics who did.

It is vile, utterly vile, that Linda Stasi and the Daily News would speak of a murdered man that way. So, what, does the Daily News now reserve the right to look into the opinions of all murder victims, and if they don’t like what they see, publish columns saying that they are no better than the man who slaughtered them?

Stasi here reminds me of the old black-humor joke: “Sure, Hitler hated the Jews. But to be fair, the Jews also hated Hitler.”

When Robert Lewis Dear murdered people at that Colorado Springs abortion clinic, no newspaper in the country would dared to have published a column saying that the abortionists (to clarify, if he had killed any) were just as bad as the man who murdered them. Had that newspaper done so, it would have been a disgusting act. Even if one believes such a thing, it is indecent to speak such words. The Christian-hating Daily News keeps hitting bottom, and digging.

UPDATE: Alan Jacobs prophesies the discovery of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Saddleback.

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