Readers, I’m writing this from the Houston airport, where I will shortly be boarding a flight to Baton Rouge. I will be home there for a few hours, then boarding a flight back to Houston. Point is, I will be away from the keys a lot today. It’s hard on a big news day to do this, but hey…

A reader sends in this jaw-dropping story from Bethesda: a church-sponsored preschool is going to start teaching the kids who attend about Jesus, and parents in the affluent DC suburb are horrified:

For as long as anyone can remember, the Concord-St. Andrew’s Cooperative Nursery School has been educating young children without including much, or anything, in the way of religious instruction, say numerous parents at the school, some of whom attended when they were children. That secular approach was fine with many at the close-knit school, where families and teachers come from a range of religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds and find harmony in their divergent viewpoints.

But all of that appears primed to change.

The school community was roiled in early October when the Rev. Susan Brown, the pastor at Concord-St. Andrew’s Church, told the school’s director that beginning next academic year, “all classes will incorporate age-appropriate Christian lessons in their daily activities,” according to a letter sent to parents.

“It feels like a crusade where they’re trying to bring God to the godless nursery school,” said Kate Mueller, who is Catholic and has a 3-year-old daughter in the school. “It took so much time and energy and devotion to build what is there now, and now it’s being stomped on.”

It’s a Methodist school, but the decision by the church that runs it to make the school more Methodist is being called, get this, “un-Christian” by a non-Christian:

Darren Higgins, who has a 4-year-old at the school and describes himself as nonreligious, said a compromise at this point would not make much of a difference. He and his wife, who attended the cooperative when she was a toddler, still plan to take their child out of the school and will not send their newborn there, either.

“We wanted to give the church the benefit of the doubt, but the way the church went about it was, in short, a very un-Christian thing to do,” Higgins said. “In truth, bridges have been burned. If they wanted to resolve this amicably, it would have been a fairly easy discussion to have.

“A breach of trust has occurred.”

This change won’t take place until the fall of 2018; the school is giving the parents a year to prepare. It’s the gall of that Christian school, wanting to teach kids about Jesus! And the fact that these rich parents don’t even see how ridiculous their complaining is — man, what a world.