The other day, reader Win Bassett, who was once a craft beer industry professional and who remains a devotee, wrote with the excellent news that this is the first year since the repeal of Prohibition that there are craft breweries home brewing is legal in every state [sorry for the error, Win!]. The New Yorker has a terrific interactive graphic showing the stunning growth of craft brewing in our country.  Take a look at the Breweries Opened In 2012 tab — it’s amazing!

Truly the beer situation in the United States is one thing that has gotten spectacularly better in my lifetime. We have an embarrassment of riches on the beer front in this country. Never imagined I’d live to see it. God bless our craft brewers, and I really do mean that literally. And please, Lord, open the door soon to let Boulevard beers, the glory of Kansas City, be distributed in Louisiana.