All I want to say is that it’s both humiliating and frightening to think that the President of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, is lying in bed after midnight tweeting while falling asleep. This is a man whose words could start a war, and this is how reckless he is, and how childish.

We’re going to be lucky to get out of this presidency without a national security crisis caused by something as stupid as a midnight tweet.

UPDATE: People. People. It’s not that he misspelled a word. It’s that he is so reckless that he lies in bed at night tweeting while drowsy. If I do that or you do that, no big whoop. I repeat: this is a man whose words could start a war. He has no real awareness of or respect for his office and its responsibilities.

UPDATE.2: BaronHarkonnen writes:

It’s much worse than you think.

Think about it: what is the president thinking about as he is dozing off?

He’s thinking about how unfair the press is to him. And he’s tweeting to whine about it. He’s not thinking about the country’s problems. He’s not thinking about foreign policy issues. He’s not thinking about our current and potential military engagements.

No, his big last thought for the day is about how unfair the press is to him. He is literally losing sleep over it.