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Cops: Man Flashes Child In All-Gender Restroom

Austin Sauer, social justice warrior

News from the front lines of social justice:

An 18-year-old student at Rhinelander High School, Austin Sauer, was arrested on Thursday for child enticement, fourth degree sexual assault and exposing genitals to a child, according to the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office.

Captain Terri Hook said the alleged incident occurred in the gender-neutral bathroom of the school, which has now been closed by the Rhinelander High School. Cpt. Terri Hook said the school did not send a message to parents as it was an isolated incident and the student was removed from the school.

Sauer has not yet been charged, and the OCSO says the investigation is still ongoing.

The school did not tell parents that this happened?! Because, no doubt, they didn’t want parents to question the righteousness of an all-gender toilet used by children in a school.

The school has now closed the gender-neutral bathroom. Imagine that.

One day, we are going to look back on this era as a time when our society lost its collective mind. First, though, it is going to take a girl being sexually assaulted by a male in one of these school bathrooms, and for the girl and her parents to sue the everliving hell out of the school district, before society sobers up.

I would just like to remind readers which side the likely Democratic nominee for president is on — and it ain’t the side of parents and vulnerable children:

Do you think the media are going to ask Biden or Sanders any critical questions ever about transgender rights? Don’t be silly!

UPDATE: A reader points to a terrific Tucker Carlson commentary on something that just happened in South Dakota. Excerpts:

In early February, a group of lawmakers in South Dakota tried to pass a bill to ban radical medical experimentation on young children. Under heavy pressure from business groups like the Chamber of Commerce, the Republican-dominated legislature voted it down.

Why would they do such a thing? Well, as you’ve probably guessed by now, it’s because conducting radical experiments on children is popular now. These experiments are justified in the name of transgenderism.

The failed South Dakota bill would have barred doctors from performing sex reassignment surgery on children under 16. Those are radical, often irreversible procedures that can include double mastectomies, sterilization and castration. The bill would also have barred doctors from prescribing hormones to aid in the transition process, again, only for those under 16.

It used to be that everyone agreed with this. It was common sense. Adults are free to do what they want. But if you’re fifteen, or nine, or ten, you’re too young to consent to sex – so you’re also too young to have your sex organs cut off.


South Dakota lawmakers had the chance to say “no,” and spare their children from this insanity. But they declined.

Why? Well, the State Chamber of Commerce attacked the bill. They said it threatened the state’s “economic development,” and apparently, Republicans in South Dakota agreed. And it really was Republicans.

The South Dakota House has 59 Republicans and 11 Democrats. The Senate is 30 Republicans to 5 Democrats. And a bill to protect children from experimentation still failed. Remember that.

Republicans will do almost anything to protect businesses’ access to cheap labor. But your children? They’re fine sacrificing them.

Preach it, Tucker, preach it!

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