‘Memba that guy? He’s going to be in Congress. An outsider’s outsider, Clay Higgins trounced veteran politician Scott Angelle in the runoff tonight for a US Congress seat representing Cajun Louisiana. (Both candidates are Republicans; Louisiana has an open primary system.)

This is gonna get real interesting, real fast. If Trump wants a man on Capitol Hill to help drain the swamp, nobody knows about swamps like a man from Cajun country. But just before the vote, an audiotape emerged of Higgins arguing with his ex-wife about how if he wins, he’ll have the money to pay the over $100,000 he owes in back child support. He still won by a wide margin. A look at his campaign website gives you an idea why. This guy is something of a folk hero down here.

In Louisiana’s US Senate runoff, Republican John Kennedy handily beat Democrat Foster Campbell. This means the GOP will have a 52-48 Senate advantage in the next Congress.